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Malta as a Base for UK Exporters

Malta offers many advantages to manufacturing and services companies
utilising the country as a base for exporting to North Africa, the
Middle East and the Gulf States. These are already significant markets
for United Kingdom exporters (see tables below), but a great deal of
potential remains untapped and Malta's legal and fiscal structures can
help give British exporters competitive advantage.

English speaking, a full member of the Commonwealth and an EU Member
State since 1 May 2004, Malta has developed an open and competitive
economy. Doing business in Malta has many similarities with doing
business in Britain. The United Kingdom and Malta enjoy the very best of
relationships and there are very strong ties between the peoples of the
two countries.

A Maltese company can be used for any business activity such as:

1. Trading in plant, machinery, equipment and supplies for the aircraft,
automotive, construction, healthcare and telecommunication industries;

2. Trading in providing services which include business, design,
engineering, industrial, management, marketing and scientific
consultancy services, financial services, hospitality and tourism
services, information technology services, property services, shipping
services and transportation services;

3. Trading in goods and commodities which range from foodstuffs to
household goods and commodities such as metals and oil products;

4. Trading in intellectual property such as the selling, buying and
collection of royalties from patents, trademarks and copyright.

This makes a Maltese company an ideal vehicle for United Kingdom
companies exporting manufactured goods and services to the North Africa,
Middle East and the Gulf States. Maltese exporting companies have been
carrying out business successfully in these regions for a considerable
number of years.

CDF Advocates has succesfully set-up a significant number of Maltese
companies and is therefore ideally suited to assist you to develop Malta
as your export base.

Furthermore CDF Advocates has been selected by the British Chambers of Commerce and by Trade Partners UK to appear on

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